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    Fa and Wen are two brothers from western of China. They bought 6 units of small excavator within 2 years and started their own business, which has become a legend in their remote hometown. However, it is not easy for them to start a business at the beginning, they had no money and know little about the Construction Equipment industry, but they never gave up. After graduation, the two brothers started to work in the construction sites all around the country. Although they didn’t make too much money, they had accumulated lots of experience in engineer construction. One year later after their graduation, they decided to contract project by themselves. According to their working experience, they found that the small excavator had a wide application in the engineer construction, so they rent one small digger and started their business.To their surprise, their business developed quickly and more and more people would like to cooperate with them. Their small digger made an excellent performance in ditching, plowing and road building, thus receiving high recognition from their hometown, wherethere is huge demand for infrastructure construction. excavator for sale On the second year, they bought their own small excavatorandmade more money. With the increasing business chances, they bought another 5 excavators, whichnot only enlarged their business but also made a great contribution to the development of their hometown. When receiving an interview, Wen, the little brother said that everyone should have a dream and try your best to make it come true, which is called real life. Yes, people become great because of having dreams, maybe, you can start your dream with purchasing an excavator.
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