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    At Account Live, you can manage and control all your Microsoft product subscriptions. It the one place where you can check your browsing history, keep a watch on the devices being used by your family members, cancel or renew subscriptions, and do a lot more. To do all this, all you need to have is an account on Like any other account, Account Live is also accessed using an email address/phone number and a password. However, if you forget the password, then you won’t be able to access it. Thankfully the Account Live password reset process is not so difficult to execute. Yes, you read that right! Merely by following a few instructions, you can recover your account. Before you proceed with the process given here, make sure the two-step authentication feature is on in your account. Visit, enter your phone number or email address, click Next to get the password reset code. Use this code to get a new password for your account. Use the new password with your existing email address to access Account Live.
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