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    What you're asking may additionally exist inside the future, and it relies upon if you mean "rephrase tool" in a fluent, accurate and natural style" however as yet this has been the hardest element to achieve. Look at translation. It is rephrasing in a unique language, and a device could make a difficult translation for approximate knowledge, however with many possibles mismatches, nothing nicely-phrased and specific. Language is made by people for humans, whose brains don't paintings within an equal manner as any software up to now. Moreover, a sentence is not a trick of a cat-in-the-hat, and it means what it approaches: not anything less, nothing extra, except perhaps the implicit, that's even more difficult to "rephrase". The person's language is simply extra complex, especially in the event that they have studied and are properly-examine, but ask an infant of 4 or 5 to "rephrase" what they have just said! They can communicate of many things they understand approximately at that age, but the query is not to alternate one spinbot or phrase for some other or a better one as it truly does no longer exist, that's the natural manner of proper language to function. Note that it's far an exceptional count to correct errors and/or to complement your syntax and vocabulary, which children must do nicely into mature ageā€¦
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