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    My private McAfee activate or experience was not positive. I mounted McAfee a year or so ago on my wife's desktop. Although the antivirus slowed her system a little bit, everything seemed to work okay. Then I look at my monthly credit card bill about a year ago and see that McAfee charged me automatically for another year of service. When the time for renewal expired, I planned to remove the software and install a free antivirus called Avast on her computer. But McAfee has chosen to bill me. It goes without saying that I removed McAfee from her laptop and called their ASAP accounting department. A friendly customer service representative informed me that they were autobilling so that clients would not be caught unprotected. Let's just say that I like to control my purchases a little more than that and didn't like an automatic bill I didn't expect. I asked for a refund I got a week ago and quickly my uninstall McAfee. Follow the instructions below to remove McAfee safety products from your desktop securely including their antivirus and firewall: 1. Click Start, Click Control Panel 2. Double-click Program Add or Remove 3. Find the listed item of Network Associates or McAfee and click on it. It should look like the following 4. Click Change / Delete 5. You will see a comparable screen to the one below. Place a checkmark next to each item you want to remove from McAfee and press Remove 6. You will see such a warning message, press the Remove button 7. The extraction method will begin showing each program will be deleted, then the computer will be rebooted. Go ahead and reboot after completion of the extraction phase. 8. You should remove McAfee from your system after rebooting. We hope you found this post very helpful, We provide complete solution related to McAfee: McAfee activate, Uninstall McAfee, McAfee removal tool, mcafee uninstaller and much more.
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