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    • CommentAuthorfreemexy
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2019

    I’ve tried a lot of kits and mods this year. A lot. And some of them just blend in with the rest as a boring, standard, or a disappointment. That’s not the case with this kit from VooPoo. I have been vaping with the voopoo vape Starter Kit for close to two weeks and I can honestly say this may become one of my everyday vape devices. It’s got loads of safety settings, the vaping modes are solid, the UForce T2 tank gives great flavor and clouds, it isn’t a noisy kit, and above all, it just vapes like a dream. The only negative I could find with this kit was the battery door’s looseness. Since the door stays put, a little jiggling is not a problem unless you just can’t take it. If you’re an intermediate to advanced vaper who wants a powerful, intuitive device with one of the best chipsets, go get the voopoo drag nano pod Drag 2 Starter Kit now.

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    • CommentAuthorvanitamani
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2019
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