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    • CommentTimeSep 26th 2016

    1, divided from the surface of the coating of aluminum oxide, melamine, piano surface. Laminate flooring surface standards, should all contain aluminum oxide wear-resistant paper. It has 46 grams, 38 grams, 33 grams, as well as the lower, directly in decorative paper sprayed aluminum oxide. State regulations, wear-resistant surface laminate flooring for indoor use, the number of revolutions should be at 6,000 rpm or more, as long as 46 grams wear-resistant paper on the floor, in order to ensure that meet the requirements. 38 grams of wear-resistant paper wear rotation turn can reach 4000-5000; 33 grams less; direct spraying of aluminum oxide, can reach 2000-3000 turn on the good.

    2, wear a low number of revolutions, the material cost is relatively low; due to its low degree of wear, machining tool costs are also low. Instead, wear high rpm, itself cost much higher. Melamine surface coating, generally used for wallboard, desktop boards, with a degree of wear in less demanding areas. In the flooring industry of such a surface coating on the floor called "false floor." Its wear revolution only 300-500 rpm. The use of high intensity, then two or three months, the surface of the decorative paper, it will wear. Standard laminate flooring normal use for 10 years will not be such a problem. No kind of wear layer above the floor decorative paper, it seems, the pattern is pretty clear. Hand touched relatively smooth. This is the place to lay gullible.

    3, piano surface coating, in fact, will be used to paint wood floor surface for laminate flooring. It uses a relatively bright paint it. The degree of wear of this coating is far can not be compared with the aluminum oxide surface. Its low degree of wear, the current wood flooring to all aspects of the development of a high degree of wear in. Unless you like special coating such surfaces.

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