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    • CommentTimeSep 26th 2016

    Laminate wood flooring maintenance is relatively simple to use, in everyday use, as long as the note the following, we can guarantee the normal use of the floor. 1, all with wooden floors will increase or decrease in humidity or temperature changes in the environment to change its moisture content, floor Chau Shen shrink. It should be the same as to protect the skin, keep the floor reasonably aqueous army. 2, usually without waxing floors and paint. Do not be polished with sandpaper. 3, it is recommended to place kicking at the door rub pad, to prevent dust into, damage the floor. 4, stains and grease the floor surface to clean it with a household cleaner, do not use a lot of water to clean the floor. 5, dry area, increase the humidity in winter should pay attention to the floor surface with a damp mop to appropriately increase the surface humidity, can effectively solve the generation gap and the floor cracking. Individual locations as cracking, please notify the sales unit, the local padded handle. After filling, the appropriate increase in surface humidity, the floor in order to facilitate recovery. 6. Please note that the rainy season shut the windows to avoid the rain into the interior. 7, heating, air conditioning and other indoor facilities maintenance Please note, in order to avoid leakage soaked floor. Should you notice the floor soaked in water, should be immersed in water as soon as the floor was removed, dried or processed promptly notify the sales unit in the shade. 8, bathroom and kitchen door, the water should pay attention to timely cleaning. the article come from:Recycled Composite Fence Material maybe you also like: Long Life Composite Fence Panel Affordable Budget Solid WPC Decking Timber Plastic Composite Patio Deck

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