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    • CommentAuthorliuyi
    • CommentTimeSep 26th 2016

    long-term vision to predict, the main raw material to strengthen the wooden floor because it is man-made and its fast-growing wood processing residues and high utilization of wood from sustainable resource development strategy with a view of the most promising. Laminate flooring from ten years ago in Europe Day success developed since it shows great vitality,[url=]plastic wood deck chairs[/url]

    with its unique combination of advantages has been more and more customers of all ages. Europe and America in 1998 production and sales have exceeded 100 million square meters; 1999 global sales of 222.4 million square meters floor in 2000, compared with 351 million square meters,[url=]decking wood suppliers pretoria[/url]

    an increase of 58%. Laminate flooring in 1995 to enter the Chinese market. 1998 annual sales of more than tens of millions of square meters in the first half of 1999 remained strong growth momentum. According to industry estimates, the 2001 National laminate flooring production and sales will more than 70 million M2.1998��ij����������, causing huge losses to the state,[url=]solutions for adding slats to deck[/url]

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