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    1, laminate flooring commonly known as "diamond plate", the standard name for "Laminate flooring." Laminate flooring is generally made of composite material composed of four layers, namely wear layer, decorative layer, high-density substrate layer, balance (moisture) layer. Qualified laminate flooring is one or more layers of special impregnated thermosetting amino resin. Covering the surface of the substrate and other high-density, moisture barrier on the back of the balance plus, plus front decorative layer and wear layer by hot pressing. Currently on the market to strengthen the floor is divided into the following categories and their characteristics

    2 minutes from the thickness of the thin and thick (more than 8 mm and 12 mm or so)From the environmental protection point of view, better than the thin thickness. Because the thin, less per unit area with glue. Thick, thin, high density inferior impact resistance almost, but the foot feeling slightly better. In fact, the differences are not large. From the specification of sub-standard three wide boards and narrow plate: Standard width is generally 191-195 mm. Length of about 1200 and about 1300. Wide plate, the length of more than more than 1200 mm, a width of about 295 mm. Narrow plate, length 900-1000 mm, a width substantially about 100 mm. Approximate size of solid wood flooring, the majority called imitation wood floor. Standard specifications are most members of the European Flooring Manufacturers Association adopted.

    3, there are many dealers in the market, advertised their products is often say import: "Import is not about the size of 12 mm wide plate size and thickness." The vast majority of imports should be the floor, not wide plate size and thicker dimensions. Wide plank laminate flooring specifications of processing enterprises in order to meet consumer demand, own invention. The advantage looked generous, relatively few cracks in the floor. Mostly thick, that is about 12 mm. General surface of the decorative paper are made in China, color changing, more flexible. The disadvantage is that a relatively large color point, decorative paper UV resistance handicap. Narrow plate specifications also our characteristics.

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