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    • CommentAuthorcurry
    • CommentTimeSep 23rd 2016

    Flooring is an important material for interior decoration and home decoration, select the relationship to the entire floor of home decoration is good or bad. Today flooring market showing solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring, laminate flooring three pillars of the situation. It appeared in the marketplace ecological wood floor, a short time, although not an ecological wood "instead of" situation, but optimistic about the future ecological wood flooring market prospects.

    It comes down to the ecological advantages of wood floors, compared with other flooring, eco-wood flooring will bring more benefits in our lives, what are the specific advantages, let's take a look.

    First, ecological floor adhering to the "materials, environmental protection, low-carbon" design concept

    Ecological wood floor adhering to the "materials, environmental protection, low-carbon" design concept, to abandon the production of the desired melamine laminate flooring, aluminum oxide and other awkward, hard-purification polluting raw materials, reduce carbon emissions and pollution of the environment, in line with international environmental protection standards.

    Ecological wood floor substrate stable superior performance, eco-floor substrate using a molding technology, high-density plates, while a new factor fiber material is uniformly penetrate the floor.

    Eco-wood floors so that all parts of the "stress" equilibrium consistent, easy to solve the shrinkage wet up the floor, warped deformation worldwide problem. On the other hand, the degree of reduction of wood fiber molecule active, volatile and curb the release of formaldehyde and other harmful substances, so that harmful substances with the outside world inside the isolation plate, the home environment to achieve environmental objectives. Ecological material properties of ultra-stable floor, no crack, no deformation, but also environmentally friendly, healthy function.

    Second, the ecological floor using spray digital simulation process

    Spray digital simulation process, in full accordance with solid wood flooring wood synchronous technology production, so that the real effect of floor coverings. Adjacent pattern is not repeated, the change is even more rich and solid wood flooring layering.

    Unique "water-soluble cross-penetration" technology makes clear wood floor surface, like a 30 million-pixel high-definition effect, and one hundred percent penetration into the substrate where it has superior adhesion, keep the floor in shades bright, clear texture strong sense of three-dimensional at the same time, solve the tiered floor easy to fall off and the sun discoloration.

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