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    • CommentTimeSep 23rd 2016

    Multi-layer solid wood flooring is between the wood floor and strengthen the new floor between the floor, the floor is optional trend. Multi-layer solid wood flooring retains all the advantages of natural wood flooring, solid wood flooring have natural texture texture and elasticity. Well multilayered wood flooring on the market to buy need to pay attention to what matters it? The so-called multi-layer solid wood flooring, plus the base panel is pressed by the high temperature of the floor. However, the multilayer substrate is composed of criss-cross arrangement, the panel is made of high quality precious wood. Such multi-layer solid wood flooring, not easily deformed cracking, shrinkage expansion also want to make it very difficult. Also, be sure to tell you that this floor has a very good ability to adjust the indoor temperature. Everyone should know multilayer wood flooring is between the wood flooring and laminate flooring between the new floor. Natural texture of this wood floor both solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring have texture and elasticity. In addition, it overcomes the shortcomings of solid wood flooring easily deformed. This is because the multi-layer solid wood floor is plywood-like structure. This structure allows the wood fibers reticular stacked arrangement, so that the structure more closely involved with each other. So that makes multi-layer solid wood flooring material easy to overcome the natural deformation characteristics. Waterproof multilayer wood flooring is very good, it can be used in the more humid climate of the region. Moreover, this is the result of a multi-layer solid wood flooring pest control treatment can effectively prevent insects and people do not have any injury. the article come from:Wholesale Interior Decorative?Wall Panel maybe you also like: high-quality wood plastic wall panel Long Life Span Wall Cladding Water Resistant Kitchen Flooring Panel

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