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    Different types of paper gift boxes can have different types of negative environmental impacts however all are equally as concerning. Plastic carrier bags are incredibly handy and relatively cheap to produce in mass however they do have their downsides. Typically the plastic polythene which is used to make many plastic bags is not biodegradable. This means it does not break down fully and small pieces of plastic pollute both land and oceans. Not only is the soil and water contaminated but it is also mistaken as food by land and marine animals whose lives are then put at risk. There are huge numbers of plastic carried bags that have been dumped and are floating in our oceans, which endangers all types of marine life.
    Just like plastic bags their luxury paper wine box also contribute massively to the huge levels of waste that is littering our environment and dumped in landfills. But the waste produced is not the only environmental threat. Manufacturing paper and plastic carrier bags puts strains on resources and also produces high levels of dangerous emissions which contribute to global warming. Paper bags are responsible for large levels of deforestation occurring in the rainforests. It is clear that single-use carrier bags have many different negative environmental impacts and growing concerns have resulted in changes to attitudes and practices. So what are the more eco-friendly options that will help preserve our planet for future generations?

    • CommentAuthorMaxNewman
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2019
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