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    • CommentAuthorcurry
    • CommentTimeSep 23rd 2016

    Decoration pollution each new owners have renovated headache. In the purchase, it should be possible to purchase more environmentally friendly building materials, home improvement especially in the floor must recognize its environmental indicators, in order to save it must not be taken lightly. Selection classroom floor today, outdoor wall panel let us work together to study, how to choose more environmentally friendly wood flooring. First, look at the national professional certification standards, China's current domestic environmental standards certification classes include "the use of advanced international standards of product certification" and "China Environmental Labeling Certification", etc.

    These are all environmentally friendly national certification authority, including "the use of advanced international standard product certificate "is the factory floor through the most stringent series of environmental certification, consumers respond to these nationally recognized identity at the time of purchase do focus on verification. Second, look at technology management system and product quality. "Lay watch, experts see Road", the current flooring industry recognized international quality management system certification ISO series mainly for the purchase of the former flooring products manufacturers access to relevant qualification system certification and production,outdoor flooring energy effectively ensuring that consumers get real environmental flooring products. Third, look at specific environmental indicators, flooring is environmentally friendly, mainly with reference to formaldehyde emissions.

    In general, A grade formaldehyde emission values ‚Äč‚Äčless than 9mg / 100g. B pole 9-40 mg / 100 g, can be used to achieve the B grade. In addition, the quality of rubber determines the size of the composite floor strengthen pollution, low good quality glue formaldehyde content. So, when consumers go to buy building materials market floor must pay attention to the reference floor formaldehyde emission. Fourth, look at the brand flooring, emerging market various brands, industry experts recommend choosing flooring brand from the brand's history, sales commitment, and many visits. Brand history in more than fifteen years, garden decoration as a national distributor of basic layout, its product quality after-sales commitment to achieve fifteen years, will undoubtedly provide consumers with effective quality assurance and comprehensive after-sales service. Fifth, look at the product range and related parameters, the major brand has its different product lines, not all products are the highest level of environmental protection, to remove the floor itself contains formaldehyde would cause pollution outside the indoor environment, industry experts also remind consumers choose floor, installation problems can not be ignored. If the installation is not standardized, it can also affect the environment.

    In addition, if the floor adhesives such as compliance, it can also cause indoor formaldehyde pollution. So, the choice of good environmental performance of wood flooring at the same time,wood flooring consumers also should pay attention to choose a good brand reputation long time flooring brand dealers, in order to ensure the comfort of the home environment from all aspects of health. Conclusion: the decoration do not suffer from cancer lazy, or really affect the health of the body.

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