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    • CommentTimeSep 23rd 2016

    1, the time of purchase, pay attention to the difference between the floor paint. Now, paint the floor on the market, there are two PU paint and UV paint, in the purchase of the floor must not buy PU paint the floor, because of its benzene and formaldehyde emissions are high, very environmentally friendly, but also the life of the paint very short. UV paint is divided into two: one is ordinary bright side curtain coating UV paint, one is super wear-resistant roll of UV paint. Curtain coating require frequent waxing UV paint, paint life is generally about two years, but there is a matt UV paint roller effect, its surface is generally planar hemp, because the paint was added aluminum oxide so it has a super abrasion paint, when we buy, we must first learn to distinguish between ordinary paint roller and ultra-wear-resistant paint.

    2, buy the floor, be sure to carefully check the thickness and notch. As standard, the thickness of the floor should be 18 mm, and a lot of the floor on the market is only 17.5 mm, the floor mostly with insufficient thickness of the plate bending restructuring or cis, cis-bent plate and most of them are not good drying or stress problems have not been resolved, so the floor in the pavement easily bagging. Slot length of the floor is an easy place to cut corners, because the surface area of ??the plate surface width and length are calculated, so manufacturers produce the notch as short, its board will be wider, thus saving not less material. But the floor of the slot is short, because the bite is not good to walk on it is easy to produce sound, it issued a "creak" sound.

    3, when the purchase of the floor, do not easily buy fake foreign brand products. Now he was just a lot of flooring manufacturers registered a brand, and then find different manufacturers of processed products and packaging their own brand, so the bad quality of the floor on the good times, so buy the floor, be sure to look at whether the crates site, while signing a contract, and to verify the manufacturers, if true, then do not buy this product. At the time of purchase, but also to Germany, the German equipment and manufacturing Germany distinction. Because laminate flooring was first originated in Germany, Germany is strengthening major producers and equipment suppliers of the floor, of course, all the floors are the product of German technology, so the laminate flooring plant may be called the German technology.

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