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    • CommentAuthorcurry
    • CommentTimeSep 23rd 2016

    Floor decades of development of various types of floor after another, three solid wood flooring is its unique advantages to occupy an important position in the flooring market. 1. more stable than solid wood flooring, more wearable As we all know, three solid wood flooring is composed of three staggered laminated wood, the surface for high-quality mosaic hardwood slats specifications into the middle of softwood slats, the bottom for peeling veneer, arranged in a criss-cross shape. It is because of the arrangement of crisscross structure, wood unidirectional expansion this problem has been the perfect solution, three different wood match constraints, well overcome the wooden floor expansion problem, so this three-wood "sandwich" natural stability higher than solid wood flooring. The three-wood table plate thickness is generally 3-4mm, 1-2 times a common parquet table plate thickness on the market, and therefore more resistant and more durable. 2. than laminate flooring greener, more comfortable Three solid wood flooring is an environmentally friendly flooring products, in addition to panel with a relatively precious wood, the other most of the use of fast-growing forest timber, to a certain extent on the tree resources play a protective role. Meanwhile, three-wood in the process of bonding adhesive laminate flooring does not need so much, naturally more environmentally friendly. Every floor has its own advantages and disadvantages, three wood will also meet with these characteristics in the Chinese market floor next 20 years. the article come from: cheap rubber pool decks maybe you also like: Corrugated Wood Plastic Gazebo Roof Material Wpc Costing in Pune per Sq Ft Tongue and Groove Historical Porch Flooring

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