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    • CommentAuthorliuyi
    • CommentTimeSep 22nd 2016

    As the world constantly changing fashion trends also continue to be changes, and now the whole world is popular with the "ecological" ecological reflects human nature, the continuous anti-war people living environment and benign integration. Also it reflects the introduction of modern technology in wood products. Ecological wood outdoor flooring has long been the people's production, one of the important materials necessary for life. It includes wood and various ecological board. Due to the strong heavy wooden material ratio, flexibility, good toughness, good thermal insulation properties, soundproofing and the like. It is widely used in construction, furniture, vehicles, ships and other various equipment manufacturing, decoration and electrical appliances, medical, sports and other production. In recent years, as the world increasingly attached to thin forest resources spent, precious timber species close to exhaustion, prompting rapid development of eco-board production. At present, China has become the largest producer of eco-board 2004 board ecological production was 54.46 million cubic meters, of which, MDF output ranks first in the world to reach 15.6 million m3. Development of eco-board production led to the development of upstream and downstream related industries in 2004, 273 billion yuan output value of China's furniture, floor total 25.8 billion cubic meters. Building decoration industry output value of 800 billion yuan, these developments gave the surface decoration technology has brought good opportunities and great challenges. Wood surface decoration method is now used a lot, which has a long history of traditional processes, but more in the past three decades, developed modern technologies. Since the surface of the decorative material relates to synthetic polymer, coatings, of materials, paper, printing, rubber cat like many other fields, the technological progress of related industries subject to promote the development of surface decoration technology. New materials, new technology for this emerging industry added vigor and vitality. Related links: [url= ]wood panels production in sweden[/url] [url= ]pressure treated lumber in trinidad and tobago[/url] [url=]embossment deck drainage system[/url] [url=]price of tongue and groove porch flooring[/url]

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