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    cheap Forza Motorsport 7 Credits "Gears" and "Sea of Thieves" are both made by Microsoft owned studios; the main "Forza" franchise as well. But collaborations with external studios such as Comcept "ReCore" and PlatinumGames "Scalebound," could very well be found outside of the Windows Store before too long.. They're even more watertight than Nintendo. All those rumours that it was going to be announced this year or at E3 obviously came to nothing and we've still not had a single piece of evidence to suggest it's real..

    The final game reveal of the day was Halo Wars 2 which had been briefly unveiled at Gamescom last August. This time you got to see plenty of gameplay but more importantly there's a free open beta going on all this week from June 13 to 20. Obviously the pinnacle of that is the Ford GT which we revealed yesterday alongside the GT350 Mustang and the F 150 Raptor. We think that we really have a pretty interesting performance story to tell and we view Forza as the perfect way to tell that story because for a lot of customers cheap Forza 7 Credits these vehicles probably won't end up in their garage one day and so Forza allows players to make an emotional connection with them and experience these vehicles in the most realistic way possible short of driving them.

    So see all of the game news here by now... well done!

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