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    Cardio Clear 7 is an amazing supplement for overall health. Once you start using the Cardio Clear 7, you will probably notice it works on the first day. Cardio Clear 7 contains the mixture of 3 super nutrients the “C” in Compound CSP is CoQ10. when we bring out CoQ10 levels back up where they need to be your arteries flow freely…your blood pressure relaxes …your heart keeps pumping strong …you think more clearly and you add that bounce back into your step.Compound CSP has 2 other ingredients…The “S” in Compound CSP is Shilajit. shilajit stokes your energy levels… maintains peak mental alertness… and promotes heart health.It’s plant material that oozes from the mountain itself. Shilajit contains 85 different minerals – minerals your body needs to function properly. Shilajit will make more of the CoQ10 available for your mitochondria to turn into heart-saving energy. There’s one last ingredient in my Compound CSP that you don’t know about yet. And that’s pyrroloquinoline quinone (pronounced pi-ro-lo-qwin-o-li-ne qwi-no-ne.) PQQ for short.PQQ grows NEW mitochondria. PQQ grows fresh NEW mitochondria … CoQ10 FUELS them … and Shilajit stuffs more CoQ10 into every cell. With Shilajit, CoQ10, and PQQ working together to drastically stimulate cellular energy, Keeping your heart pumping strong and your brain in top shape too. When you take all 3 of these super nutrients together in exactly the right dosage…and from the right sources and made by the right manufacturers, You feel full of energy, and you’ve got more gumption to tackle life’s challenges. PQQ is an antioxidant too. So it helps keep your LDL cholesterol from turning in to life-stealing plaque.3 perfect nutritional ingredients combine to create an extraordinary energy booster and heart saver.
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