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    This is Akbar Ali Khan a senior writer and consultant in a Buy Assignment UK company and today I am going to discuss some tips how prof read the things. 1) Try to focus and check for closely sounds words just like "complimentary" & "complementary". 2) Try to do not miss the perky distinctions between words just like "farther" and "father". 3) Always arrange the verbs and subjects at their places. 4) Do not use the possessive form. 5) Do not confuse hyphens with dashes. 6) Do not forget to treat all headings and subheadings consistently.
    • CommentAuthoramybarry
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2019
    First of all, put your text aside for a few hours after you're done with writing and then try to check it with fresh eyes. Read through your text thoroughly and focus on the sentence structure, word choice, spelling and punctuation. Double-check proper names, facts and figures. Ask someone to read your text aloud and use a spellchecker. Then create your own proofreading checklist and ask for extra help, if necessary.
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