Data security

Software on-demand

Even though the software on demand model has established itself over the past few years, many companies still have doubts to host their data externally. This is understandable as a lot of internal information is the most important asset of a business organisation. Many independent studies haven proven that fact that most small and middle sized companies have a lower data security than on-demand providers.

How we protect your data

During the development of ZCOPE data security was our top priority. We have implemented countless features that protect your information from unauthorised access:

  • Independent database installation: Each ZCOPE client has it's own database.
  • High security hosting: Our server farm is operated by a leading provider delivering state of the art technology.
  • Cloud document hosting: Documents are hosted by the trusted Amazon (S3) web service.
  • SSL secured connection: BASIC, EXTENDED and ENTERPRISE plans provide a full SLL secured connection.
  • Regular backups: We make regular backups which we can quickly restore in any case of technical failure.

What's internal stays internal

ZCOPE allows you to integrate people into projects who don't work in your company such as clients or partner. The "internal" option gives you the freedom to publish data that can only be accessed by your companies staff.

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