By managing projects with ZCOPE you create a central communication platform for all of your team-members and stakeholder. The web-based tool is so easy to use that there is nearly zero learning time necessary. Take a look for your self...

What you can do with ZCOPE

Keeping an overview

Immediately see what the team is doing and what is going on in the project.
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Manage your tasks

Plan, control and report your tasks with the easy to use drag-&-drop interface.
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Track efforts

Control the level of completion and your efforts with the time tracking function.
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Set your timeplan

Create a timeplan for your project by using milestones and dates.
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Control your costs

Separating budgets for human resources from other budgets helps you to organise your accounts.
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Share documents

Upload new documents, create new versions and share it with your team.
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Blog updates

Use the project Blog to talk about ideas, problems or any other topic.
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