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Intellectual property

Except where otherwise expressly stated all data, designs, concepts, ideas and other elements of this website (hereinafter called "Intellectual Property") belong exclusively to Human Information Design GmbH, A-6971 Hard (hereinafter called "Human Information Design"). Use of the Intellectual Property, including personal use, is not permitted. Personal, non-commercial viewing of the website using standard, unmodified browser software and the creation of individual prints onto paper for purely personal use are excepted.

No proposal

This website does not represent any proposal of a contractual relationship of any kind.

No consultation

Messages, advice, opinions, prices, data or other information on this website are always to be understood as general and unbinding. They can be changed and/or removed at any time and without notice. In no case may the information accessible on the website be understood as a product guarantee and/or be construed as an assurance of characteristics or availability.

No guarantee of content

We provide no guarantee for any website content such as, for example, information, technical instructions, prices, colours etc. Such content must always be considered as unsupported and is based in part on information from third parties which was provided similarly without guarantee.

No confidentiality

Communication via the publicly accessible areas of the website is in part unsecured over the Internet and can be read by third parties using simple technical means and can be clearly attributed to the sender as well as to the receiver. The same applies to the sending of an e-mail to Human Information Design GmbH. We therefore strongly advise you not to send confidential information to Human Information Design GmbH or third parties via e-mail.

No guarantee of availability

The availability of the website or of certain parts thereof is not guaranteed at any time. Human Information Design GmbH is entitled to limit the availability of the website at any time for a definite or indefinite period and/or to change or remove content.

No liability

Human Information Design GmbH accepts no liability for damage arising from or in connection with the use of this website or from third party provision connected to this website via links.

Applicable law

Insofar as any contractual connection may arise between you and Human Information Design GmbH, this is subject exclusively to Austrian law excluding reference forward.

Basic orientation

This website is an online provision of the company Human Information Design GmbH on the Internet. We make available at this web address and any subdomains a wide range of information and online services concerning the products and services of our company.

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