Where is my data being saved? Are there regular backups?


All your project information are saved on our Servers. We backup regularly and are able to restore the backups in very short time in case of an emergency.

Each ZCOPE client has it's own independent database. Thus it's impossible for other ZCOPE users to access your data. The database servers are run separately from the web servers. This makes hacking attacks very difficult. 

We use the data storage service S3 by Amazon to host your documents. This enables a highly secure redundant storage of a very large number of files.

For our RSS-feeds we have set up a password security. That means, as soon as you subscribe to a feed you are asked to verify your ZCOPE password and user name. We recommend not to use browser based feed readers as they often can't offer secure access to feeds. If you are using a service like Google-Reader your feeds might get indexed by search engines which can lead to the publishing of your private project data.


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