Festival- and Congresshouse Bregenz

»ZCOPE is the ideal platform, to work with a whole range of external partners.«

The Bregenz Festspiel- and Congresshouse organises events and adminstrates the rental of all rooms in the convention center next to lake constance. The core competence is the dramaturgical production and organisation of the Bregenzer Festspiele. Pamela Sinz describes working with ZCOPE from the perspective of an external project member.

How were you prepared for working with ZCOPE?

ZCOPE is self-explanatory.

What was your first impression?

ZCOPE is the ideal platform, to work with a whole range of external partners and to coordinate internal projects.

What do you like best about ZCOPE?

I like the simple and joint adminstration of documents, the open communication and that all data is automatically marked with the publishing date, time and the visualisation of the publishers name. The perfect project documentation.

Did you use another software tool before or did you organise your projects „the hard way“ (Emails, Excel etc.)?

We still manage our events and projects via different software solutions.

How do you use ZCOPE? Which functions do you use most?

The 2 sections "documents" and "blog" offer the ideal management of docs and communication with MASSIVE ART. I very much appreciate the feature to send an email about current updates to specific people or groups.

How did ZCOPE optimise the communication with team members and clients?

THE most vital improvement in communicating with our partners is that everybody has the same information level and that all data is available to the team members at all times. New project team members get a very fast overview about the current project status.

How many people in your company use ZCOPE?

3 active members of my team are working on 2 projects with ZCOPE. Several external partners are integrated too.

How did ZCOPE change your email behaviour? Do you send less emails than before?

Both ZCOPE projects have proven to reduce the emails considerably. I often send unnecessary emails and then realise I could have handled it all with ZCOPE. What I really want to say, is that emails could be reduced further if ZCOPE was used more consistently.

What do you like best about ZCOPE?

What I like best about ZCOPE is the fact, that when I, for example, return from a holiday or business trip, I am up to date on the project in no time. A loss of information is only possible if it is not recorded in ZCOPE.


Thank you for the interview.

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