Boutiq - Design & Animation

» We dropped our clients in at the deep end. Working with ZCOPE is so easy that no training was necessary.«

Boutiq is an agency for animation and design, based in Switzerland. Director and partner Philipp Zünd is responsible for developing international acclaimed commercials. With the help of ZCOPE he manages his complete production process successfully. We asked him how he does it.


Where did you hear about ZCOPE?

A partner company convinced me of the great concept behind ZCOPE.

What was your first impression? Why are do you use ZCOPE?

The simplicity of the interface, the reduced number of features and the fresh project management concept made me curious. After managing a few projects I was convinced that I was able to integrate my project stake-holders into the workflow quickly and that I could simplify the communication.

Did you use another software tool before or did you organise your projects „the hard way“ (Emails, Excel etc.)?

We used another software tool but also did it the „hard way“. We failed. Changing to ZCOPE was very easy as soon as all my co-workers saw the possibilities that ZCOPE has to offer.

How do you use ZCOPE? Which functions do you use most?

We organise our projects with internal and external people. From time to time we also integrate clients. We mostly use the document sharing feature and the project blog. Tasks and dates are only used in the planning phase.

Have you ever used ZCOPE for something else than typical project management?

I try to use it for acquisitions but wasn`t very successful... yet.

Any secret tips for using ZCOPE?

I don't have any. But I think the tag function is really interesting. I believe I could get more out of that feature.

Did ZCOPE optimise the communication with team members and clients?

It's not optimising it, it makes it possible! 

How many projects do you manage at the same time?

Right now we have about 10 client projects. Additionally we manage 5 internal projects.

How many people in your company use ZCOPE?

If you count all internal and external team members it's 12 people.

How did you introduce ZCOPE to your clients?

We dropped them in the deep end. Working with ZCOPE is so easy that no training was necessary.

What do you like best about ZCOPE?

For me the biggest advantage is that you don't need to do everything with ZCOPE. Other tools require the whole process to be managed with one program: Planning your tasks, manage all resources very detailed and so on. If you miss something the whole thing breaks apart. Not with ZCOPE: I can choose if I want to use the budget function or not. And what ever I use, I get a useful result.

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