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ZCOPE Tip: Project templates


There are a lot of projects with a similar setup. To save time in the planning phase, we developed the project template feature.

As an example, I use the organisation of an event. There are several tasks that have to be done with every event:

  • Location: Selection, bid solicitation, booking, fire authority inspection, etc.
  • Entertainment programme (live music, all-round entertainer, etc.): Selection, bid solicitation, booking, etc.
  • Catering: Selection, bid solicitation, booking, etc.
  • Guest list: Listing, design, shipping, etc.
  • Security
  • Permissions
  • Etc.

In the template you may define task lists, tasks, dates (milestones) and budgets as well as the responsible persons. If you notice something missing later on (e.g. the renting of parking lots) you may adapt the template at any time.

Now you start projects as always but are able to select a template under point 4.

ZCOPE Support am 23. Dezember 2009 - 9:58 Uhr
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