Advantages of agile project management

Juliane Höfle am 29. October 2010 um 14:57 Uhr

Agile project management is on everyone’s lips and on the agenda of the most project management congresses you can also find agile project management. It is the question of the benefits of agile project management? Why should we work after this philosophy?

In classic project management the project leader often invest a lot of time in the planning of the project using Gantt charts and critical path analysis. Team members agree with the plan, but the reality is another and team members doesn’t work like it was agreed in the plan.

The agile project management is distinguished primarily by the fact that team members are already involved in the planning. Therefore they have to bear the responsibility of the project.

The agile project management ease the known rules of the classic PM. This means that for a successful project the individual project members must have more responsibility and discipline.

The two main advantages of agile project management are, in my view, that through the intensive involvement of the customer better project results can be achieved. Likewise, the speed of a project can be increased by the agile reaction to new conditions. And so you can faster reach your desired project goals.

Here you’ll also find a link to a presentation by Stefan Hagen, in which he compare the agile project management with the classic.

I am looking forward to a lively discussion and exchange of experience on the topic!

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