ZCOPE Tip: The „internal“ feature

ZCOPE Support am 7. Januar 2010 um 10:23 Uhr


Even if we support transparency in projects – there are things that should remain „among us“, therefore „internal“. All employees of the account owner automatically have the „internal“ status and thus more rights and access to more data.

But also people from outside of the company can get the „internal“ status, e.g. an agency on friendly terms, with which also confidential information will be shared. Due to the extended settings, certain things can remain within one company: in this case one simply deactivates the reading and writing rights of the corresponding area (e.g. time tracking).

What can be marked as „internal“?

  • Tasks
  • Dates
  • Documents
  • Blog entries (of course the corresponding comments are „internal“ as well)

Task lists cannot be „internal“ as there would be too many dependencies in the case of task moving between multiple lists.
Budgets are invisible for not-“internal“ team members by default (this can be changed redefining the extended settings).

The project manager can adjust the „internal“ settings. Only „internal“ project members can  mark elements as „internal“.

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