ZCOPE Tip: How to prioritise

ZCOPE Support am 3. Dezember 2009 um 10:29 Uhr


In ZCOPE, there are several possibilities how to prioritise task lists and tasks – independent from the set date. Here are some examples that we apply:

Task lists are positioned with descending importance via drag & drop. Within the lists, the tasks are positioned in the same way.

The single elements are tagged „important&urgent“, „urgent“, „important“ or „nice2have“ and worked off in this order.

A ZCOPE customer recently told me about her wish, I answered with a „partial SCRUM“-idea. She said there are days without urgent to do‘s and she‘s only doing tasks she feels in the mood for. These tasks should be planned on the evenings before or in the mornings of these days. I suggested to bundle tasks from different task lists: in lists that either are named after the date. Or she can assign the date as tag – in this case, the tasks may remain in their original list.

If you use the tagging option, the prioritisation works across projects as well: select „my tasks“ in the dashboard and click on the wished tag.

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