15 new wishes to the project fairy

ZCOPE Support am 24. November 2009 um 14:08 Uhr

project fairy

Some time ago, I asked some people what would be there wish to the project fairy and wrote a post about it: 25 wishes to the project fairy. Here are some interesting new wishes to the lovely little helper:

1 Stefan Kalteis, CEO, www.dealhamster.com, Austria
My wish is… that the project fairy keeps all administrative activities at bay.

2 Sigrid Hauer, CEO, Consulting4Quality – Blog Projektgeschichten, Germany
My wish is… that even stakeholders understand that good collaboration tools are essential to keep the communication up & running, but don‘t solve communication problems itself.

3 Christian Gaisberger, Developer, Dorner ASP AG, Switzerland
My wish is… that solutions will be searched for based on the experience of the single team members and nevertheless an authority takes the final decision. The right ones and at the right time!

4 Blundstone Osterberger, Engagement Director Europe, huge, US/UK/FR/SWE
My wish is… that everyone understands contingency when doing time, cost & material planning is there to account for unexpected turns a project takes, and not just to blow up budgets.

5 Marina Zubcic, Consultant, ICG Infora GmbH, Austria
My wish is… that people focus on developing and discussing solutions rather than explaining at length why they are behind schedule and how it sure isn’t their fault and that everyone shows up prepared.

6 Mark Buzinkay, CEO, Idea Lounge, Austria
My wish is… that the fairy turns into Herman Dune, gives everybody a good reason to smile and a sense of humour to work enthusiastically on the most boring tasks, because we know that there is more in life than this project.

7 Alexander Aberer, Senior Developer/Scrum-Master, LearnLift, Austria
My wish is… that client and project team don‘t talk past each other or don‘t address acute problems. They should talk fair and square and aks all questions so that they will be answered  to the utmost satisfaction of all involved parties.

8 Benjamin Spiss, Producer Gambling, Rabcat Computer Graphics GmbH, Austria
My wish is… serious effort estimations instead of tossing a random figure thus I won‘t be annoying any longer.

9 Andrea Hammer, Project coordination, Blog projektlotse, Germany
My wish is… that every sub-project has exactly the status given in the status report. All this should be visualised as dream sequence in a movie (my favourite director would be Hitchcock :-).

10 Jürgen Pansy, Board member, sms.at, Austria
My wish is… that she does us a disservice and clears all elephants out of the room – at least for the meetings.

11 Sebastian Heinzel, CEO, www.tripwolf.com, Austria
My wish is… that the project fairy speaks all the languages on this planet – if she‘s tiny enough, one could put her into the ear.

[Constance: A nice idea... must be from the famous book „The Hichthiker‘s Guide to Projects“ ;-)]

12 Tathagat Varma, Senior director business operations, Yahoo – Blog Manage Well, India
My wish is… that the project fairy takes care of all risks that I forgot to identify :)

13 Marlis Rumler, CEO, uboot.com, Austria
My wish is… that every member of the team, no matter what his job description is, gains the ability to look beyond his/her own nose, so solutions with foresight can be found quicker and easier.

14 Oliver Merz, Operations Manager, Venyon GmbH, Germany
My wish is… lesser meetings that are lengthened due to unnecessary information and discussions that should better be discussed in private.

15 Sebastian Manhart, CEO professional group, Wirtschaftskammer Vorarlberg, Austria
My wish is… the guarantee that all members of my project team -  no matter if internal or external – have all the necessary information about the current project status available.

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