ZCOPE Support am 8. September 2009 um 10:54 Uhr

My wish to the project fairy was not by chance:
„My wish is… that from the beginning on, all stakeholders put all the information on the table. There shouldn‘t be „secrets“ that will emerge anyway.“

In my career I encountered a lot of secrets which were not real and therefore not useful but annoying or in the worst case bad for the working climate.

Secrets that aren‘t secrets
Even if you behave as it still was… whatever you try to hide, it‘s no secret anymore. An example is the colleague the company had to „let go“. Everybody knows this guy is leaving and still more – everybody knows he‘s not leaving voluntarily.

Secrets to divide the knowing from the „normal“ people
The original group of secret keepers know – and then there is this twilight zone around them: their best buddies. Stories are passed on under the pledge of secrecy and despite other people don‘t know the secret itself, they know something is going on. And they‘re not part of it. That sucks.

Top secrets
A rare species. I met it only once so far: a thing so top secret they sometimes even forget to tell you about when you actually need it for your project.

Real secrets
Real secrets make sense, i.e. it‘s wise to not reveal it, only necessary people know it and it will be kept as long as required.

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