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    CRITICIZED: A poster showing OutKast's Andre 3000 holding a smoking gun has been branded "irresponsible" by Britain's Advertising Standards Authority, reports Reuters. The watchdog group upheld a complaint that the ad could be seen to glorify gun use but rejected another claim that it promoted racial stereotypes. The advertiser, record label BMG, had said it believed the poster for the hip-hop duo was no more likely to provoke violence than ads for James Golden Goose UK Bond movies. "We regret the ruling because OutKast are the last group that we believe you could level those charges against," said BMG press director Paul Bursche.

    BORN: Jon Stewart, 41, and his wife (since 2000), graphic designer Tracey McShane Stewart, welcomed their first child, Nathan Thomas Stewart, Saturday in New York City, a publicist for the Daily Show host confirms to The comic returned to his Comedy Central show Wednesday night, after Stephen Colbert sat in as his sub. Though the arrival was not covered on the satirical news show, Tuesday night guest Ralph Nader mentioned the Stewarts' birth, prompting Colbert to respond: "Well, that's a Golden Goose Sneakers UK super-secret, now we have to kill you."

    BUSTED: Rapper Jadakiss (real name: Jason T. Phillips) whose new album Kiss of Death debuted at the top of the Billboard charts, faces misdemeanor weapons and drug charges following a July 5 arrest, reports the Associated Press. An RV belonging to the former Ruff Ryder posse member was pulled Golden Goose Sneakers over in Fayetteville, N.C., on Monday, after police reportedly witnessed someone throwing firecrackers from the vehicle. An officer spotted marijuana in the RV and requested a search, which allegedly turned up two loaded .45-cal. handguns. Of the eight people in the RV, says AP, the Yonkers, N.Y.-born Phillips was the only person charged.

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