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    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2019
    When Bruce Adams could no longer manage his wife Janet's dementia at home, he and his family made the difficult decision to put her in an aged care facility. "She started getting really aggressive and really irrational and quite nasty and very forgetful," daughter Jillian Adams said. "My father was getting really depressed. He was obviously really stressed about life. My concern was that something's going to happen to him." In 2017, Janet Adams went to the Eden Park Aged Care facility near Geelong, Victoria. Shortly after arriving she was seriously injured after starting a physical altercation with a male resident. "We got a call to say, 'Your mum's on the way to hospital in an ambulance, she's had a fall and we think she's broken her hip'," Jillian Adams said. "[Later] we were told that my mother had pushed this man and that he had pushed her back." Jillian Adams said after having hip surgery, her mother declined physically and died six months later. She believes her mother may have lived longer had more staff been present to prevent aggressive incidents. "To my knowledge it wasn't investigated," Jillian Adams said. "With hindsight an accident like that shouldn't have happened, but given the level of staff-to-patient ratio, especially on the weekends, you can kind of see how it happened." The Eden Park facility is now owned by aged care provider Luson, which was not running the home when Janet Adams was a resident. Luson said that based on historical records, the incident was investigated and dealt with appropriately. Deaths often attributed to falls, rather than aggression best seo company australia

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