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    • CommentAuthorhapper
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2018

    A petition filed March 31 alleges that 1-hydroxyethylidene-1, 1-diphosphonic acid (hedp water treatment) from China is being sold at less than fair value and benefitting from countervailable subsidies.

    The product covered by this petition includes all grades of aqueous, acidic (non-neutralized) concentrations of 1-hydroxyethylidene-1, 1-diphosphonic acid, also referred to as hydroxethlylidenendiphosphonic acid, hydroxyethanediphosphonic acid, acetodiphosphonic acid and etidronic acid. HEDP has Chemical Abstract Service registry number 2809-21-4 and is classified under HTSUS 2931.90.9043, although it may also be entered under HTSUS 2811.19.6090 or 2931.90.9041.

    HEDP a well-defined, odorless, colorless to yellowish liquid. The finished product is produced as a technical grade and is not further modified or purified to become food grade or U.S. Pharmacopoeia Grade. Once manufactured and adjusted to the correct aqueous concentration, it needs no further modification before it can be used as a chelating agent. The product has a long shelf life and is often added to multi-purpose formulations, which do not appear to affect the chelating properties. HEDP is used in a number of industries including heating and cooling, metals, textile and oil. It is also used in commercial water treatment due to its unique functional properties.

    The Department of Commerce and the International Trade Commission will next determine whether to launch AD and/or CV duty and injury investigations, respectively, on this product. There are strict statutory deadlines associated with these proceedings, so affected companies that wish to protect their interests should contact trade counsel as soon as possible.

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    • CommentTimeJan 27th 2019
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