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    • CommentAuthorliuyi
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2018

    The first is the durability is better, solid wood flooring is generally formed by the processing of a single piece of wood, and the thickness of solid wood flooring on the market is now unified 18mm, this thickness ensures the wear resistance of the floor. Environmental protection, solid wood flooring is derived from natural wood, is not radioactive, does not contain formaldehyde, and does not pose any harm to the human body. As long as the products are regular manufacturers, we basically do not need to consider environmental protection, this feature is also why many families value solid wood flooring. The foot feel is good, and the laid solid wood floor has good elasticity, and the person walking on the top is very soft and comfortable whether it is temperature, touch or feel.

    Since it is warm in winter and cool in summer, solid wood flooring has a very good thermoregulation effect due to its low thermal conductivity. In cold winter, people who move indoors will not feel stiff feet, and they will not step on the floor like a cold floor to feel cold.

    Beautiful and natural, the wood of solid wood flooring is natural, and its annual texture often gives people a feeling of returning to nature and returning to nature. No matter what the texture and beauty are, this is the quality that the artificial floor can't reach anyway.

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