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    • CommentAuthorliuyi
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2018

    1 When you look at the texture of the floor, you can carefully observe the texture of the floor when you select the dragon and phoenix sandal wood flooring. The most important feature of the dragon and phoenix sandalwood is to look at the lines, and the dragon-tail fin is easy to see.

    2 Feel the weight of the floor. It has been said before that the density of dragon and phoenix sandalwood is higher than that of other solid wood floors, and the higher the density is, the heavier the weight of the floor is, you can try to pick up the floor and weigh it in your hands to feel the floor. Important or not qualified.

    3; For consumers who do not know much about the floor, they should try to choose the floor of the big brand. Although they do not understand the floor, they choose the products of the big brands. This is the best choice for the protection of the interests of consumers.

    The maintenance of solid wood flooring is very important, as the saying goes; floor covering is better, it's better to raise it. Because the solid wood floor is different from other floors, the solid wood floor is "live", and the molecules in the floor are not disturbed. Therefore, the concept of "health and wellness" will be given to the solid wood floor.

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