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    Hi, I just want to know that how can i Cox internet now blocking in p2p ports.
    It's really a liability issue. As it is now, when someone on our network gets caught by the MPAA or RIAA sharing stuff, they send us a letter/email. We have to STOP that user from sharing stuff, one way or the other. If we don't stop them, we give up our "safe haven" status, and now the MPAA/RIAA can sue us instead of the user. This is an incredible hassle. On top of that, there is always the fear that one of our customers will get sued directly for sharing stuff, and then turn around and sue us for not stopping them. It's just a big clusterfuck, and for what? So people can illegally download stuff? Most of the high-speed service providers are putting up with P2P stuff, because it sells the service. But we hate it, and we're all just waiting for justification to put an end to it. Hell, just closing the giant "spyware hole" that Kazaa and it's ilk create would be a great thing from a support standpoint, much less the savings in bandwidth. As far as the "I'm paying for unlimited bandwidth for whatever I want" attitude you're not. Read your TOS. And realize that in the end, the network belongs to the ISP. They can pretty much do whatever they want with it, including refusing to offer your service for almost any reason. Cox Email Login | Cox TV Support
    Hello, Thanks friends your's knowledge help me. Cox email email | Com Internet Support
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