ZCOPE 1.6.3 is out!

ZCOPE Support, 3. February 2014 - 19:43


We are happy to announce that we’ve released a new version of the ZCOPE Engine. In new 1.6.3 version, you can enjoy many new features like:

  • Backup system – Enterprise and Extended package clients are supported with an option to restore their ZCOPE system to any date in past 30 days.
  • Added backup manager page
  • Added affiliate system for partners
  • Added name filter in task list
  • Added statistics for the account owner in Companies and People page
  • Added protection for creating duplicate users. Username and email must be unique now
  • Added option to preview image document types directly
  • Added navigation to a Search page
  • Added package ownership changing to a PM when original owner is deleted
  • Fixed links in BLOG notification
  • Fixed author info in DOCUMENT notification
  • Increased document upload limit

This is just a start. Stay tuned for new features, there are many more to come.

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ZCOPE Tip: Rename tags

Juliane Höfle, 10. December 2010 - 10:06

Knows not everybody this problem: You have tags, which contain a spelling error or you would like to merge tags, that you get a better overview.

This can be easily done via the function “rename tags”.

Rename Tags

Select easily one of the already assigned tags and enter a new name. With a click on “save” you have renamed the tags quickly and easily.

This function can be also useful, if you want to merge various tags.

ZCOPE finds international appreciation and is already used in more than 80 countries!

Juliane Höfle, 30. November 2010 - 14:45

ZCOPE helps you plan and realise your projects more efficiently. It’s a central working space for your whole project team.  Integrate your partners and clients to work together and share ideas and documents.

This collaborative approach is not only popular in German-speaking countries, but also internationally. So we recorded ZCOPE users in over 80 countries worldwide.

Working with XING Applications “Spreed & ZCOPE! (Webinar

Juliane Höfle, 22. November 2010 - 17:41

The applications ZCOPE and Spreed invite again for a webinar.

On the basis of a practical example, we show you how to use the XING applications for project management (ZCOPE) and for project communication (Spreed) efficient.

All participants have the possibility to win a ZCOPE access amounting € 49, — and a spreed conference microphone valued at € 39, –.
We look forward to your application: http://bit.ly/9hqi0R

P.S.: The XingApps are now also to find on Twitter:

Agile Project Management – What are your experiences?

Juliane Höfle, 4. November 2010 - 13:30

Less rigid rules and processes, but more freedom, flexibility and creativity. Is there more opportunity or more risk as in classical project management? Is it more suitable for beginners or for experienced practitioners? More customer-orientation, less bureaucracy?
Your experience is appreciated!

Here you’ll find some examples of other ZCOPE customers:


Advantages of agile project management

Juliane Höfle, 29. October 2010 - 14:57

Agile project management is on everyone’s lips and on the agenda of the most project management congresses you can also find agile project management. It is the question of the benefits of agile project management? Why should we work after this philosophy?

In classic project management the project leader often invest a lot of time in the planning of the project using Gantt charts and critical path analysis. Team members agree with the plan, but the reality is another and team members doesn’t work like it was agreed in the plan.

The agile project management is distinguished primarily by the fact that team members are already involved in the planning. Therefore they have to bear the responsibility of the project.

The agile project management ease the known rules of the classic PM. This means that for a successful project the individual project members must have more responsibility and discipline.

The two main advantages of agile project management are, in my view, that through the intensive involvement of the customer better project results can be achieved. Likewise, the speed of a project can be increased by the agile reaction to new conditions. And so you can faster reach your desired project goals.

Here you’ll also find a link to a presentation by Stefan Hagen, in which he compare the agile project management with the classic. http://bit.ly/9ywjlF

I am looking forward to a lively discussion and exchange of experience on the topic!

ZCOPE – How to plan and organize your projects more easily!

Juliane Höfle, 22. October 2010 - 8:14

Take the chance and see in this webinar how easy you can use ZCOPE! We will show you based on an easy example how you can use ZCOPE in your daily work and furthermore we will answer your specific questions.

We are looking forward to many registrations: http://bit.ly/cKawUp

Your ZCOPE Team

Das Internet als Leitmedium! Na und…?

patrickfritz, 12. March 2009 - 14:40


Quelle: medioman.de

Hast du dir schon mal die aktuellen Zahlen aus der Medienforschung angesehen?

  • 68 % der Österreicher/innen mit Internet-Anschluss zu Hause Mobile Zugangstechnologien immer häufiger in Verwendung
  • 7 von 10 Österreicher/innen nutzen das Internet
  • Bei unter 30-jähriger Bevölkerung nahezu jede(r) online
  • Nutzungsschwerpunkte Jugendlicher: Kommunikation, Networking und Multimedia
  • 7 von 10 Jugendlichen verwenden einen Instant Messenger

Eh schon wissen? Alles klar? Das Internet entwickelt sich für einen Großteil der Bevölkerung zum Leitmedium, falls es das nicht eh schon ist. Vor allem bei Jugendlichen wächst eine Generation heran, die es gewohnt ist über das Internet zu kommunizieren, Netzwerke aufzubauen und Online-Dienste/Applikationen zu nutzen!

Was hat das mit Projektmanagement zu tun und der entsprechenden Unterstützung durch Tools? Im Kern geht es bei PM und die zentralen W-Fragen. WER macht WAS bis WANN? Es geht also darum sich im Team abzustimmen… Es geht darum Arbeit auf mehrere Schultern zu verteilen… Es geht darum Commitment für ein gemeinsames Ziel zu bekommen…


Die Welt spielt sich Gott sei Dank NICHT in diesem kleinen Kasten, genannt PC (oder MAC), ab. Dennoch geht ein erheblich Anteil der Kommunikation nicht Face-To-Face von statten, sondern wir über ein Medium=Internet abgehandelt. Deshalb gehört webbasierten Diensten/Applikationen die Zukunft, die es schaffen die Kommunikation über das Internet zu ermöglichen, erleichtern, verbessern!

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Die Top 10 Gründe warum PM-Software eine blöde Erfindung ist

patrickfritz, 12. February 2009 - 17:32
  1. Das erste Mal passiert immer mit MS Project!
  2. Die Anforderungen an die PM-Software sind erst nach dem Kauf interessant.
  3. Die jährlich neue Version reißt immer wieder ein Loch ins IT-Budget.
  4. Die Erwartung das die PM-Software das Denken abnimmt wird gnadenlos enttäuscht.
  5. Das ständige aktualisieren von Balkenplänen nervt mit der Zeit den stärksten Projektmanager.
  6. Mit der PM-Software können nur die wahren Experten umgehen.
  7. Die Suche nach zentralen Funktionen bringt mehrere Kaffeepausen mit sich.
  8. Dafür gibt es unzählige Funktionen die wirklich keiner braucht.
  9. Der Zugriff auf Projekte ist immer nur über einen Arbeitsplatz möglich.
  10. Die PM-Software erzeugt einfach nur Frust.

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